Le Malheureux Petit Voyage, 1936. Cheeky little French erotic novel, with Art Deco illustrations. Signed by illustrator.


Le Malheureux Petit Voyage, 1936. Naughty little French novel about the misadventures of poor little 20 year old Princesse de la Marsaille and her maid, Marie-Toinon Cerisette. Illustrated in color by Carlègle, with a signed print across from the title page.

đź’— 184 pgs, measures approx. 9.8" H x 6.6" W x 0.6" D. Good condition - paperback, with toning on outside and some to pages. Edges chipped, as well as top and bottom of spine. Some pgs not yet cut open. 2 pgs have small tears on edge - improperly cut open. A few jots in pencil on title page and endpapers by the bookseller I bought it from in Paris.