Woman and Puppet, 1927. Spanish romance by Pierre Louys, with erotic Art Deco illustrations in color and silver by Clara Tice.


Woman and Puppet, 1927. Written by Pierre Louys, the turn of the century writer of erotic literature. The tale of a Spanish love affair, set over the course of Carnival in Sevilla. Don André Stévenol falls in love with the married Señora Dona Concepcion Perez at the festival of the Domingo de Pinatas after throwing her an egg shell into her carriage with "quiero" written inside. Beautiful Art Deco color plates and monochrome illustrations by illustrator Clara Tice. Numbered 948 of a limited run of 1250 copies.

🌹 270 pgs, measures approx. 9.8" H x 6.5" W x 1.5" D. Good condition, with worn exterior - minor wear and soiling to binding, traces of removed labels inside covers.